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The Swenson TerraScope Make Your Lens Low, Fast, and Nimble

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The Swenson TerraScope

The Swenson TerraScope is a camera transport device that makes tracking subjects like animals, toys, sports, and  other low-to-the-ground action easy, fast, and dynamic. 

Flying any type of lens a fraction of an inch off of the ground has always been a cumbersome operation.  Massive heads, unwieldy dollies, cranes, and even motion control can only make for lumbering real-time moves.   However, the unencumbered agility and ease-of-use of the Swenson TerraScope allows operators to move a near zero-clearance camera lens quickly and more nimbly than ever before. 

In normal operation the camera points down through the center of the TerraScope.  A snorkel lens travels through the sturdy cage that surrounds the camera, and when it "hits" bottom a 90-degree snorkel lens arrangement allows the camera to see back under itself and shoot between the front set of wheels. The resulting view nearly scrapes the floor.  It's like the camera is dancing on air - or zooming like a hockey puck.

The TerraScope is manipulated with the upper body by reaching out and pulling back. Swinging the upper body gives the TerraScope amazing dolly whip moves. 

A whole line of accessories will soon be available including boom axis, wheel options (treads, balloons, skids, ice skates, and skis), the Terra Tray, follow wheels (for an unweighted camera on uneven surfaces), bank trucks, and suspension.

The Swenson TerraScope is designed to work in conjunction with any of the popularly available snorkel lenses, including:

CP Series 2000 Mark II........20.71"
Innovision Probe II.............18"
Revolution.........................18" (with lens)+3"

(The Frazier, the Revolution, and the T-Rex have an adjustability advantage of swiveling at the end of the lens drop.)


Height: 33 inches
Width: 21.75 inches (fits through standard doorways)
Depth: 22 inches
Weight: 50 lbs unloaded

For more information about the Swenson Terrascope, contact Innovision-Optics at 453-4866.

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